Valentine’s Day 2020: Why Do We Celebrate The Feast Of Love On That Date?

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VALENTINE 2020 – What is Valentine’s Day love? What is its history? Why is it famous on that date? What a gift to offer, when one is inspiration? The tradition that was born in ancient times and has survived to the present day and its symbols which were often unsung, discover them here!

What are the origins of Valentine’s Day? The feast of love, Christian commemoration set for February 14 and became a secular holiday, is often seen by its critics as a commercial and superficial event. However, the tradition of Valentine’s Day – Valentine’s Day and united by Cupid’s arrow – and February 14 are well established in France since nearly 60% of our citizens celebrate it every year. That day is not like any other for most couples. Here’s why February 14 became the day of lovers.

Why does the date of Valentine’s Day was set for February 14? Where does it originated? What is the race of Luperci? Why the Church Does introduced the celebration of Valentine’s Day? Who was Valentine and what fate he experienced? What are the gifts that go to offer to her lover ( is ) the day of Valentine’s Day? What is Cupid and how he meets the love? But how do we celebrated the day of lovers around the world?

Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020 will take place, as every year, on 14 February. If the calendar date is the same, including leap years, the calendar day changes: you must book this year on a Friday on your calendar. The date is handy for those who want to provide a romantic weekend in exotic destinations.

History of Valentine’s Day

The date that we celebrate Valentine’s Day is a legacy of Ancient Rome. Held every February 15, Lupercalia then celebrate Faunus Lupercus, god of fertility, shepherds and flocks. Rite of purification, held at the end of the Roman year (starts March 1), this pagan festival takes place in three stages. First, the priests sacrificed a goat in the cave of Lupercal ( the side of the Palatine Hill ), where, according to legend, a she-wolf suckled Rome’s founders Romulus and Remus. They then coat young men from noble families in the sacrificial blood in a ritual that symbolizes the purification of the shepherds.

Valentine Day 2020

Valentine Day 2020

Follows the ” race Luperci “, during which priests and young men, covered with the skin of sacrificed animals run through the streets of the city and whip bystanders with thongs cut from the skin of the same animal. Women in particular are placed in their path, hoping to have a happy pregnancy and childbirth without pain. Finally, the celebrations end with a banquet, during which the young men draw lots for their companion for the evening. A practice that sometimes leads to the formation of sustainable and leads couples, why not the wedding.

The gift of Valentine’s Day

Gift or no gift on this valentine day? While some will tell you that the most important is to share time with your loved one, others will feel hurt not to see surprise gift accompany this special moment. A lot of people ask on internet (Gifts for Him) and (Gifts For Her). We recommend you Dinner at the restaurant or by candlelight (with a nice meal cooked by you); nice jewelry; flowers or chocolate box, as this is a sophisticated or personalized down, you may well do fly.

A Christian event

Legend has said that Valentine’s Day was established by the Church as to counter the pagan festivals. The hypothesis is not yet confirmed by any written source of the time. Only certain fact: at the end of the fifth century, the Lupercalia is one of the last pagan rites still observed in a predominantly Christian Rome. Pope Gelasius I then sends a “letter against the Lupercalia” Senator Andromache, who showed some attachment to this traditional festival. In this letter, he criticized the immoral behavior that take place during this celebration, mocks the superstitious Christians who honor the demons to ward off bad luck and stresses that these celebrations did not prevent outbreaks twenty years earlier. However, contrary to popular belief, the pope has not banned this pagan festival: he was content to show the contradiction that exists between Christian faith and the celebration of Lupercalia. Gelasius chose to commemorate February 14, Valentine’s Day, which became the patron saint of lovers. And will result in potentially the most romantic holiday.

Valentine Ring

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Who Was valentine?

The views of historians differ as to the identity of Valentin. Indeed, no fewer than seven saints respond to this name and are celebrated on 14 February. Here are three of them.

  1. The Valentine Martyrologies.
    The first Valentine martyrologies quoted in the February 14, is a Roman priest of the third century. He lives in the reign of Claudius Gothicus, pagan emperor who during his short reign (268-270), is engaged in bloody military campaigns. In 268, under the pretext of domestic forces of men of fighting age, he forbade their marriage. But young people continue to receive the blessing of the marriage in secret, thanks to Valentin priest. The latter is soon unmasked and imprisoned. While in captivity, Valentin met Augustine, the daughter of his jailer. Legend has it that restores sight to the blind young woman. Therefore, she takes care of him grateful, it sends a message before being executed, signed “Your Valentine”. It is in this episode that would end the custom of sending messages on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. martyr death, beheaded in Rome around 270, he was buried on the Via Flaminia, where he later worshiped. Considered the patron saint of lovers since the fifteenth century, this character is often confused with the bishop of Terni, who met the same fate.
  2. Valentine , bishop ?
    The second possibility is a character who lived in the same era as the first Valentine’s Day, with which it is often confused . Consecrated bishop of Terni, in Umbria, in 203, the second Valentin is presented as a great miracle worker, miracle worker. Renowned for its healing abilities, he was called to Rome by the pagan philosopher Craton, whose son is suffering from an incurable disease. Valentin cures and receives, in exchange, the conversion of the whole family to Christianity. The news of this miraculous cure results in many other conversions. Placide, the Prefect of Rome, is then put to death Valentin for putting his powers to Christian service and disturbed the imperial cult. The latter is beheaded in Rome around 273. It seems that confusion between different legends from the Middle Ages would have done to become patron of lovers.
  3. Valentine, A missionary? As for Valentin Raetian, its association with the feast of love result of confusion with its namesakes. missionary bishop who lived in Raetia in the Central Alps, it is celebrated in Germany every February 14th. First monk in a monastery he built a church in Maize where he lives his life. Protector of epilepsy, it is usually depicted with an epileptic child lying at his feet. The link with the feast of love comes, once again, a confusion which certainly goes back to the Middle Ages.Valentine’s Day is represented for the first time in a fifteenth-century book, “The Nuremberg Chronicle, the great picture book” a book that presents him as the first Valentine died during the reign of Claudius II. The Latin edition states that it is celebrated on March 16, contrary to the German edition, published later, which dates his party to 14 February.
Valentine Ring For Her

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Lovers Day

The association of Valentine ‘s Day with love came later. It goes back to the Middle Ages. At that time, tradition dictates that young people engage in a form of “love lottery” practice inherited raffles of Lupercalia. Lovers all around the world are busy in finding valentine day quotes. On the contrary lot of people are interested in valentine day history. Some people can be found busy in searching valentine day cards. While some can be found in search of Valentine day gift. Valentine day gifts and valentine day gift ideas are the most searched item in internet in these days.

In the Middle Ages, every February 14, young people drew lots the name of their companion and clinging to their sleeve for the duration of holidays ( one week). Subsequently, the ” Valentine ” has become the rider that a young girl chose to accompany the first Sunday of Lent, during the feast of “Brandons”. This celebration consisted of a procession, during which the crowd went about the countryside and hunting, with its firebrands ( sort of torch , made of twisted straw strands ), field mice, moles and weeds of fields and ensured good crops for the following year.

Valentine's Day 2020: Why Do We Celebrate The Feast Of Love On That Date?

Valentine Makeup


The “Valentine” meant, originally, the message of love or friendship that we sent on the occasion of Valentine’s day, it was believed, were migrating birds. It was in England in the fourteenth century, this custom arose. It is well mentioned by Geoffrey Chaucer in his writings. In France, this practice was brought back to the fifteenth century, Charles of Orleans. The latter, following the defeat of Agincourt in 1415, had been kept prisoner 25 years in England. On his return, he officially instituted this practice at the Court of France: it will now use the day of Valentine’s Day to send his beloved a tender love messages. It was not until the late fifteenth century (1496) that Valentine was officially instituted feast of love. In the eighteenth century the first cards decorated with hearts and cupids. A century later, it is the Valentines printed poems that spread throughout Europe.

The birds

Mid February marks the beginning of the breeding season for many birds: thrush, partridge or the blackbird. In the Middle Ages spread a belief that the birds were not only the messengers of spring but those of love. At that time, the girls relied birds to find their future love. A robin presaged marrying a sailor, a sparrow was synonymous happy marriage with a man with little money while a goldfinch was synonymous with union with a rich man.


In Roman mythology, Cupid is the equivalent of the Greek god of love Eros. personified amorous desire, Cupid (Latin cupido, desire) is often represented as a child, armed with a bow and a quiver full of arrows, faithful companion of his mother Venus, goddess of love and beauty.

It is also known to be the hero of the legend of Psyche. According to this myth, Psyche is a princess so beautiful that the inhabitants of the kingdom abandoning the cult of Venus in its favor. Furious, the goddess decided to punish the girl and ordered Cupid to inspire a passion for being the ugliest he can find. But the young god falls in love with the princess and can not accept what his mother asked. After sending an oracle to the king, asking him to give up his daughter on an isolated rock, he is kidnapped by Psyche Zephyr breeze prevails until a magnificent palace, located in an unknown valley. He joins her every night in his sleep, in human form, and made him promise never to seek to know his appearance. Unfortunately, at the behest of her sisters, Psyche ceded to curiosity and illuminates the face of her husband while he is asleep. A drop of oil fell on his body awakens: it gets up and flies away. Inconsolable, Psyche goes in search of her husband and must overcome a series of tests imposed by Venus. On their end, Cupid, who regrets his wife, Jupiter gets permission to take Psyche to Mount Olympus, where she becomes immortal and gives birth to a girl named “Pleasure”.

The cross

The tradition to complete a ticket by signing the little crosses to signify a thousand kisses back to the beginnings of Catholicism. Symbolizing the Christian faith, they refer to the martyr Saint Andrew, the first apostle called by Jesus. Party preaching in Moesia (today’s Balkans), he was crucified in Patras on a cross shape of X.

In the Middle Ages, the cross was also used as a signature by people unable to write. After signing, he had to kiss the cross before witnesses: a custom that had solemn oath value. Thus, the cross, we went to kiss.

Valentine worldwide

1) In Europe: Most rites and ceremonies associated with Valentine having disappeared, this holiday is primarily a business today. This standardization does not prevent some folk traditions remain. In Germany, we commemorate the Valentine’s epileptic protective Réthie. In Italy, we offer coated chocolates in a message of love, called “Baci Perugini”. In Austria, the lovers take to the streets on the occasion of Valentine’s Day while in France, the small village of Saint-Valentin (Indre) established the National Day of Lovers.

Valentine's Day 2020: Why Do We Celebrate The Feast Of Love On That Date?

Valentine In Europe

2) In Japan: On the day of Valentine’s Day, the Japanese offer chocolates to men they love. This practice extended to the professional world today, they must also offer to all their male colleagues (known also as “Giri Choco” or obligation chocolates). But Japan also celebrated the same festival as China, in July or August, according to the lunar calendar. The star party or “Tanabata” celebrates the meeting of Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair). It suspends decorated bamboo large lanterns and paper flames above the streets.

Valentine's Day 2020: Why Do We Celebrate The Feast Of Love On That Date?

Valentine In Japan

3) In China: Valentine “commercial”, celebrated, as in the rest of the world on February 14, arrived in China in the 1980s, but there is also a traditional festival celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the Chinese calendar (Day Double seven). According to legend, a fairy would one day marry a mortal, despite the disagreement of his mother. The latter forced him to return to heaven and separated the couple by an endless river, the Milky Way. Affected by the sincerity of their love, magpies decided to form annually a bridge across the Milky Way so that the young people could meet.

Valentine Day 2020: Why Do We Celebrate The Feast Of Love On That Date?

Valentine Day 2020

4) In Pakistan: On the day of love there is a mixture of beliefs. Some of the religious hands don’t want it in the country. But at the same time you can see a lot of love couples walking with each other. With fingers crossed you can find them in red garments and spending happy moments together.

Valentine's Day 2020: Why Do We Celebrate The Feast Of Love On That Date?

Valentine In Pakistan

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