Most Tasty And Liked Fish

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Most Tasty And Liked Fish all over the world, as promised in earlier post is presented to you by White Meat is always preferred over all other meat categories.

Top 13 Tasty Fish: Four To Go.

Perche: Freshwater Fish. Average size is between 25 to 30 cm. and weighing 300 to 500 g. Its flesh is thin, very delicate, and low in fat. Attention has equipped its double dorsal fin spines.

Flounder (plaice): Average fish size from 25 to 45 cm. It is most popular among flat fish. Its flesh is light, thin. Usually sold as fillets, fresh or frozen, boneless, rarely whole fish. This is a delicate fish which does not retain more than 24 hours after being removed from the water. If you buy it fresh and whole check that the eyes are full (very prominent) and the red spots are also visible on the back than on the fins.

Ray: Fish cartilaginous cold and temperate seas. The line is a fish without scales flattened body, expanded “wings” through the development of its pectoral fins and ended with a long, thin tail. These are the wings devoid of edges we consume. Once poached, the flesh separates easily from the cartilage. If it lacks freshness, it gives off a smell.

Red Fish: Fish warm and temperate seas. Squat body, huge head and dorsal fin spines bristling make it special. Little brown Rock fish (30 cm) is rare and expensive and is about as bream. The red scorpion fish, larger (50 cm) is more common. Its flesh is firm and rather bland. It is the essential ingredient in soups and fish bouillabaisse.

Top 13 Tasty Fish: Three More To Go.

Mullet: Average fishing Size 20 to 35 cm. Fish delicious and very fragile. It is very popular for cooking choices. Flesh: thin, thin, with a particular taste. Better to eat it within 24 hours of fishing. Usually sold in small whole fish, do not buy them if they were chipped or if they were beheaded. Its deep color is a sign of freshness. It is found as frozen fillets.

Zander: carnivorous freshwater fish. Size is in between 30 cm to 1 m. Its flesh is delicate, pretty firm, white, and thin, with few bones. Season: according to local regulations for fishing. Zander is about as pike or perch.

Sardine: Average size of 10 to 25 cm fishing. You should know that most small sardine is more flesh is tasty. At adult size sardines takes the name of pilchard. Home sold in small whole fish unequal weight, sometimes frozen. Its flesh is fine and white with extremely thin edges. This is a semi-fatty fish classified.

Top 10 Tasty Fish: 8th, 9th & 10th.

Salmon migratory fish: related to trout. We can classify accurately or in the freshwater fish or in the sea fish. In fact, he spent the first phase of his life in rivers, then migrate to sea and then return to spawn in its place of origin. Wild salmon is now scarce and expensive. Most of the salmon is marketed after breeding. Its flesh is pink to orange-red, firm but delicate enough fat. The received food affects the taste and color.

Sole Fish and Flat oval: It is found in Channel, North Sea, Baltic Sea and Atlantic. The eyes are positioned on the back (brown side), the belly is white. Average size 25 to 35 cm. Frank sole is very popular for cooking choices. Its flesh is white, firm and tasty. It can be purchased as whole fish weighing 300-700 g and fillets, with or without the skin.

Saint-Pierre: Average size fishing between 20 and 50 cm. It is a rock fish, coastal oval with spiny fins and protruding lower jaw. Its sides are bronze with a black spot and silvery. Weight: approx 1 1/2 kg, the good half is unusable (head, bones etc.). Very popular in the high-end kitchen, this is one of the best Sea fish. Its flesh is white, very tasty, and delicate. If you buy it fresh, you will see its pupils to be very black and the stain on its sides (well designed).

Top 13 Tasty Fish: Last Three To Go.

Tuna: There are several species of tuna. Albacore or white tuna is liked especially for canning. Its flesh is white tinged with pink. Average height is about 1 m. This kitchen also braised or grilled sliced. Albacore tuna is the largest (2 m) and fins are yellow. Rarely sold fresh is the most used in canning tuna called Blue Fin tuna. It is the largest of the three. Its flesh is red at sexual maturity, fat and boneless. It is usually sold fresh. Eaten raw in Japan, you can cook the marinated and then broken. It is sold as steaks, fillets pieces, fresh or frozen.

Trout: carnivorous fish like salmon. There are several species of trout which in their original  habitat and appearance, are named differently. Today, we can all raise them. Their flesh is delicate, firm, and white to red, depending on the species. Trout rainbow sky: the most robust trout imported from the USA. These are the ones that are sold in fish and served in the restaurant today. After breeding, it is sold in portions or fillets, fresh or smoked. Brown trout (brown trout), which represents only 5% of livestock and can reach up to 60 cm. Lake trout that can reach 1 m the flesh, according to food (shellfish) can be dyed pink. She then takes the name trout salmon as sea trout.

Turbot: The finest of all the flatfish. Average size is between 40 and 50 cm. If it is small, it is called turbot. This fish can weigh up to 20 kg. It is best for cooking choices. Its flesh is white, firm, lean. Small, they are sold whole and larger nets. Cooked poached or roasted fried, the fish which it is important not to miss cooking. The flesh must remain pearly. Overcooking would make it dry and uninteresting.

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