Most Commonly Used And Liked Fish

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Most commonly used and liked fish all over the world are here in this article. Some more will come in later article.  They are famous for their taste and Life As Fashion has paid its deep interest to bring this to you. Fish meat is the most healthy meat in the world and impacts on your physical beauty. Now go ahead towards your Favorite Fish and their key features.

Fish: Anchovies, Eel, Pike, Cod ,Colin & Bream.

Anchovies: Small silver fish with brown flesh that lives in schools and instead for the conservation fillets or whole, salted or in oil. It is found rarely costs. Its edges are fine and numerous.

Eel: Snakelike Fish born in the Sargasso Sea but grows and freshwater fishing. When they enter estuaries they measure only 6-9 cm. They then called elvers and are greatly appreciated in fried foods on the Atlantic coast. But it’s starting again towards the sea as silver eels are the most popular. 50 cm long with a male and 1 m for the female, the eel is sold live. It kills the body and at the last moment. It is a fish very fat and high in nitrogen. Less present in the kitchen today, we still cooking stew, green, Flemish. Smoke, the eel is still very popular in the north.

Pike: Freshwater Fish of tapered shape. Fishing size between 40 and 70 cm. Weight: up to 4 kg, beyond the flesh is less tasty. Flesh: white, delicate, thin, with a lot of edges. Can come from farms. You can cook the roast, white wine or classically white butter.

Cod (fresh cod): Cod seas young cod (also called moruette) weighs January-March kg. They are usually sold whole. The biggest cod sold sliced fillets or steaks. Their flesh is thin, white, firm and easy segments (called the “puff”). It has few edges and is available all year round.

Colin (hake, pollock): Common Fisheries size between 30 cm and 1 m. Lean fish flesh that has little flavor and tends to discard cooking. Unlike other larger fish are the best. Sold mostly steaks or sections, it usually few bones. The best bit is just after the head. It is often poached or roasted food but in general it supports all primers cod.

Bream (true bream): Average size of 20 to 50 cm fishing. The most beautiful species of the family of bream, equipped with spines on the back. Its flesh is very white, thin, fine and very tasty. Fresh sea bream are sold whole and emptied.

Fish: Halibut, Flounder, Lotte, Sea bass, Whiting & Char.

Halibut: Average fishing from 1 m to 1.5 m. It is large flat fish found in cold deep waters. Its flesh is white, firm enough, low in fat but more gelatinous texture than the turbot. It is sold as fillets, fresh or frozen.

Flounder: Flatfish. There are several species of flounder. Lemon sole is a little more rounded and its taste is finer. Average fish size between 25 and 35 cm. Flesh: light, lean, firm. It is usually sold whole or filleted.

Lotte: It is also called Monk fish. Because of its enormous head and its major spine, the loss rate of the fish is about 70%. She is always marketed as the headless “Monk fish” and must be purchased with the skin (sign of freshness). Very popular for cooking choices. Its flesh is white and firm. This fish has no bones but against a sharp spine.

Sea bass: Its average size is 35 to 70 cm. Extremely popular for cooking choices. Flesh: thin, fine and delicate. The bar has few bones. Sold in whole fish, the fishmonger you prepare the fillets. It is often grilled food, fried or stuffed.

Whiting: Average fishing between 25 and 50 cm. It is a lean fish with fine flaky flesh. He badly kept. Be careful to buy his eyes must be full, brilliant and stiff body and bright red gills. Avoid buying headless! This is the ideal fish to make foam and bowl.

Char: Salmon Fish neighbor living in cold lakes and rare today. Average size is between 40 to 50 cm. This is one of the finest freshwater fish. All preparations for salmon trout suit him. Its flesh is white to pink, firm, very tasty.

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