Midi Rings

Posted on Dec 9 2015 - 2:56pm by lifeasfashion

Accessory can be fun, innovative and trendy. We have limited jewelry to accessorize our fingers. One can make their fingers look pretty with nail art and midi rings.

Midi Rings: New Fashion Statement.

These rings add up a new fashion statement to you fingers apart from the normal rings. Its Knuckle Rings or Midi rings! It is a ring worn above the knuckle. It made itself popular in fashion around 2012. Along With Gold Rings, women are also crazy about Midi Ring now.

Midi Rings: Types and Designs.

Midi Rings can be found in plenty of trendy and simple designs. They are high level, mid level and low level. The high level fit just below your finger nail at the first knuckle and the mid level at the middle of your finger and so on. You can commonly see simple loops of bronze, silver, gold and various attractive designs with single or multiple studded stones. There are link chain, connected rings etc. Did you know one thing?, Knuckle Rings actually make your fingers appear longer.

Midi Rings: How To Wear Them.

You can go midi crazy and wear multiple in one finger too. Wear midi ring just like that or pair them up with your favorite statement finger ring. The good thing about midi rings are that you can wear them in your pinky too. Stack them up one on the other or just wear one on each finger. Play around with different styles and designs that suit your personality and skin tone. Midi ring is becoming a fashion trend these days. They are available in different styles and designs. So girls glam up this season with midi rings.

Midi Rings: Attention Seeker.

Keep following Life As Fashion for more Fashion updates and news related to all Fashion categories. Make sure you make a visit to the nail studio for a perfect manicure as your fingers are going to grab all the attention now because of your Midi Ring. We pay special thanks to Huda Khatib for this wonderful article on Midi Rings.

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