Charlotte Casiraghi Philosopher Of Love

Posted on Oct 3 2015 - 4:47pm by lifeasfashion

Charlotte Casiraghi philosopher at heart, gives a pretty good definition of love. She file the perfect love with Gad Elmaleh, although it is heard that the two love birds are about to break. The daughter of Caroline of Monaco is a real passion for philosophy, It must be said that philosophy is her hobby. She never misses an opportunity to use philosophy in life everyday, and tries to implement its nice principles.

Charlotte Casiraghi: Loves to Think.

Every Thursday, students and philosophers gather to discuss highly philosophical themes, like love or life. To prepare these interventions, Charlotte Casiraghi spoke at length with the philosopher André Comte-Sponville, the latter having interviewed the princess as part of Philosophie Magazine. Since she was a young woman, the philosophy dictated her life and she ended his literary studies. She does not hesitate to say that she is lonely, and she loves to think and philosophize on subjects that seem important to her. This discipline helps her feel good in her head, and see more clearly.

Charlotte Casiraghi: True Passion.

So, it is natural that the cute brunette has agreed to put her skills to the Monaco service in October. Charlotte Casiraghi will indeed take part in several meetings related to this discipline between October and April, as part of Philosophy Forum Monaco, Thursday specifically. Charlotte Casiraghi took this interview with this great philosopher to give his own definition of love. She explained “The key to a lasting love relationship is when both have the whole true passion in life.” We told you so, it’s very philosophical! And very deep.

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