Antioxidant: Some Foods Contain More Than Expected

Posted on Dec 28 2014 - 6:14am by lifeasfashion

Researchers from the University of Granada (Spain) have developed a new method of calculation to measure the antioxidant activity of food: Global Antioxidant Response (GAR). This measure that simulates in vitro gastrointestinal digestion, takes into account the food in their entirety.

Antioxidant: Problem:-

The problem is that the antioxidant activity of the solid fraction (fiber) is not measured, because it assumes that it is not beneficial, says Jose Angel Ruffian Henares, a researcher at the Nutrition Department of the University of Granada and author of the study. “However, the insoluble fraction reaches the large intestine and the intestinal flora can also be fermented to extract more of antioxidant substance. We can evaluate with our new methodology, “says the researcher.

Antioxidant: Conclusion:-

With this new calculation method, the scientists could analyze orange juice, tangerine, lemon and grapefruit (natural and bottles). The researchers found that 70% of the antioxidant activity was in the solid fraction (fiber) of fruits and vegetables. “The antioxidant activity is, on average, ten times stronger than what everyone thought until now, not just for juice, but also for other types of foods analyzed using this methodology” concludes Professor Ruffian Henares.

Antioxidant: Suggestion:-

Antioxidants are vitamins (A, C, E), minerals (selenium, zinc), arytenoids ( lycopene , beta-carotene …) and polyphones (more than 5000 varieties), present in certain foods. They are essential for health. They oppose oxidants or free radicals. They help fight against cell aging, enhance immunity and fight against cardiovascular disease and some cancers. To cover all our antioxidant needs, it is essential to vary our diet and eating green vegetables (rich in lutein and chlorophyll), oranges fruits (rich in beta -carotene), and rich red fruit lycopene.

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