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Squirrel belong to the family of small and medium sized rodents. Squirrel family is known with the name of Sciuridae. They are loved be people of all ages and people like to see them running between the trees.

Squirrel Types.

Squirrels are found all around the world and are loved and liked by almost all people just because of their innocence. There are of various types like ground squirrel, marmots and flying squirrels. Have a look on these beautiful Squirrel Wallpapers.

Squirrel Key Features

Size of squirrels is between 7 to 73 cm (2.8 to 29 in). Their fore limbs are smaller than hind limbs. They breed 2 times in a year and give birth after 3 to 6 weeks to a varying number of young depending upon their species. Nuts, fruits, seeds and green vegetables are their favorite food.

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