Saree Dress Designs For Women

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Saree is popular in Subcontinent since 1800 to 2800 B.C. The history of saree was tracked back to Indus Valley civilization. There are 80 different ways to wear a sari. Women in subcontinent always love to wear a saree. The traditional dress has too much attraction for women and girls of all ages.

Saree: Different Styles And Designs.

There are different styles of saree like Pakistani, Rajasthani, Gujrati and Orya styles. Some more styles like Maharashtrian, Konkani, Kashta, Kodagu, Gond and Malayali styles also found. Kunbi and Tribal styles are also popular in some areas. Saree is mostly liked in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Sari was a cultural dress in India but with the passage of time it has evolved as one of the most prominent fashion among girls and women. It is also becoming popular in other continents now. Beauty reflection after wearing a saree reflects the real sense of Fashion. Just Wearing a saree is not enough but how to wear a sari is more important. Nivi style is one of the most popular sari style. Nivi style got popularity because of Raja Ravi Varma Paintings.

Saree: Collection House.

Saree is often written as sari. Its length may vary between 4.57 to 8.23 meters. Its width may vary from 60 cm to 1.20 meters. In women embroidery and laces are always an attraction. So designers are now paying a key focus on embroidery to make stylish and modern sarees. Ghagra style is also the popular saree dress. Lehenga Saree Designs mostly follow the Mughalia patterns. However nowadays brides are used to wear sarees in their weeding ceremonies. Life As Fashion has brought some of the very beautiful Saree designs from its collection house. Let’s have a look here.

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