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Rabbits are found all around the world and they belong to the family Leporidae. They are also small mammals. They can be classified in eight different types including three major names like European Rabbits, Amami Rabbits and Cotton Tail Rabbits.

Rabbits: Key Features & Social Life.

Male Rabbits are also known as Buck and female are often called Doe. They Love to live in groups and in underground Burrows or holes. Their size range from 20 Cm to 50 cm i.e. (8in to 20 in). They can weigh from 0.4 kg to 2 Kg. Their innocence and cuteness made them one of the most beautiful pet among animals. Rabbit is an extremely harmless animal. If you want to pay a look on their diet then this is widely known. Carrot is an extremely loved diet of Rabbit.

Rabbits Wallpapers.

Rabbit is a very cute specie and is loved by humans of all ages. Some people in Asian countries also like to eat them. If we pay a look on European countries then like to keep them as pet. Here are some very  beautiful wallpapers of Rabbits.

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