Nabilla Benattia Stab Her Boy Friend Thomas

Nabilla Benattia Stab Her Boyfriend Thomas

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For over two years, She is the new phenomenon of reality TV in France. Revealed by Love is Blind on TF1, Nabilla Benattia was then noticed by the production company of the Angels of Reality TV on NRJ12. And then the explosion of his fame. Nabilla Benattia was born in 1992. She is a model and a personality of French Reality Tv. Originally a simple little phrase gave her world wide fame and was used by many Multinationals for their advertisements. The Phrase was, “No, but what Hello!”. Since then, the young woman took out a book, shot in Hollywood Girls show for Jean-Paul Gaultier, and recently became a columnist on D8. But November 6, 2014, everything changed when she was accused of trying to stab her boyfriend Thomas. Life As Fashion is following the news about Nabilla Benattia, who is currently awaiting trial. Lets have a look at her and her boyfriend.

Nabilla Benattia And Thomas: Difficult Year of 2015.

According to information revealed by RTL radio that on February 12, and then taken by Non-Stop People, the Nabilla Benattia criminal record would severely burdened in recent days. Investigators have discovered SMS in phones from various relatives of the couple Nabilla And Thomas, proving that the young woman tried to stab her boyfriend for the first time last summer in Coudoux, near Aix-en-Provence. Thomas in an SMS says “I know you did not want to hurt me. I have already forgiven you, I love you,” and another sent by the mother of Nabilla Benattia to that of Thomas, asking that the young man be lenient with her daughter, there is no doubt for the police and justice.

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