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Monkey is a very funny animal on earth comprising 260 different species. Size of monkey may vary from 4.6 inches to 3.3 ft.

Monkey: Major Classification.

There are 2 major types, one is known as new world monkeys and the other is known as old world monkeys. Their resemblance with humans is a key factor among them.

Monkey: Social Life.

If we talk about their relationship with humans, then some of species are human friendly. Surprising in some areas in the world they are also used for agricultural purposes. But most of the time, they are kept in zoo. At some places monkey is also kept as pet. Monkey love to live in large groups. They choose a leader among them. The leader is usually the most dominant among all. It is the responsibility of leader to lead them to a safe place. Also plenty of food should be available at that place for them.

Monkey: Wallpapers.

Here are some of the very beautiful wallpapers of monkeys. Monkey wallpapers though have a less liking among people but they like to see them. Specially among kids, monkey is introduced as one of the funniest animal on earth who tries to copy human. Now lets have a look on them.

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