Imaginary Lion


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Lion is a powerful and muscular animal, in short, dense coat and brown fawn or dark ocher. Lion is one of the most feared animal in the world.

Lion: Key Elements And Characteristics.

The young cubs have dark spots on the entire body. Males are easily recognizable by their long dark brown mane. The lions have a forelock of black hair at the tip of the tail. Lion is also known as king of the Jungle. Lion is one of the most fearless animals in the jungle.

Lion: Social Life and Food.

Lions are used to live in small groups. These groups are like a family. They don’t like to interact with other groups of their specie. If a Lion from other group tries to come they attack on him or her. Their social life is very limited. Lon is not a Human Friendly animal. They can attack at any time. Lions love to eat other animals. They eat only meat. Mostly after eating they feel hunger after 2 days. They don’t kill animals just for fun. They kill them only when they are hungry and need food.

Lion Wallpapers.

Lions are popular for their bravery. That’s why people from all around the wold like to show their children Lion Wallpapers and their stories. Lets Have a look on These Beautiful Wallpapers of Lion.

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