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Kitchen Decoration: 5 Good Ideas to Follow

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kitchen Decoration, nerve center of the house, can also be an amazing piece with beautiful decorative and creative ideas, such as a color, a nice coat of paint, curtains, or pretty arty touches. With your increasing interest in Kitchen Decoration, Life As Fashion has worked a lot on some amazing and different Kitchen Decoration Concepts. Life as Fashion has brought 10 wonderful ideas about Kitchen Decoration.

1. Dare to multiply bright colors For Kitchen Decoration.

Daring and good humor are guaranteed in this kitchen of artists who sees life in Technicolor. The architect Fati Fotouhi favored geometric shapes to draw the kitchen furniture around the room in several primary colors. Painting of blue and red with yellow Tollens covers the walls and blocks of red and blue Formica draw closets. Multiplication of Colors is a wonderful concept in Kitchen Decoration.

2. Drawings on the wall For Kitchen Decoration.

Elegant, drawings by Swedish artist Jasper walderstein or any other of your own choice will enliven the walls of the kitchen, while discretion. These Drawings will boost your Kitchen Decoration.

3. Graphical tiles beautify the ground.

To dress the part and contrast with walls painted red (Farrow and Ball), a stone floor in black and optical white cabochons enhances the wooden table and chairs DSW.

4. Replace closet doors with curtains.

Instead of closet doors, we prefer flexible curtains, economical and easy to install. Another advantage is the color button red fabric makes it warm and alive these great kitchens concrete gray and white tiles. By doing this you will feel the sense of quality decoration. People will also appreciate Your Kitchen Decoration.

5. Highlight the kitchen furniture.

Highlight the furniture in kitchen decoration with painting the walls and ceiling. To redraw the volume of a kitchen nestled under mezzanine, nothing like a bright green apple painted on the ceiling and wall to illuminate the dark furniture and cupboards.


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