How To Tie A Tie

Posted on Jan 31 2015 - 1:26pm by lifeasfashion

How to tie a tie? The new debate is on. Simple Knot, Double Knot, Full Windsor knot, Four in Hand Knot, Half Windsor knot, Small Knot and Bow Knot. How to tie a tie is not the only question but how to tie all these types of ties is important here. All these methods are presented By Life As Fashion. Once you get a proper know how about, How to tie a Tie. Your life will get a new feeling of a perfect Fashion desire.

How To Tie A Tie: Simple Knot.

How to tie a tie with simple knot or single knot is the classic of tie knots. It is by far the most used Tie Knot. It is simple to do and it agrees with most of the ties and almost all of shirt collars. It is perfect for people. It is conical and elongated. Simple node is narrow with thin and wider with thick ties.

How To Tie A Tie: Double Knot.

Students are more interested in how to tie a tie with double knot. The double knot is very close to the single node except that it requires a second rotation. Initially, the wide end is passed twice around the small pan. It is Thicker in its appearance than the simple knot, double knot is ideal with most shirts. It is also perfect with all ties except those too thick.

How To Tie A Tie: Full Windsor Knot.

The Windsor knot is the knot for special occasions. It is a purely English Knot. Its name comes from the Duke of Windsor. Men may find it difficult that how to tie a tie with Windsor knot. Since it is large, it must be carried out preferably on discarded passes as Italian collars or Windsor collars. Sometimes it is complicated to achieve , it needs to be able to fall between the two sides of the neck and hide the last button of the shirt.

How To Tie A Tie: Half Windsor Knot.

How to tie a tie with Windsor knot is also a debate among Men and Boys. The half Windsor knot looks thinner and easier to do. It conveniently attaches with thin or very thick ties. It is elegant and triangular. It preferably involves a classic collared shirt or a shirt with open collar.

How To Tie A Tie: Small Knot.

This Paragraph is about How to tie a tie with small knot. The small knot is as its name suggests is smaller in size.It is particularly for thick ties or tight collar shirts. It should be avoided on shirts with long neck. It is quite easy to achieve even if it requires a “twist” of 180°. The small knot is the simplest formula to tie a tie.

How To Tie A Tie: Bow Knot.

Lets have a look at How to tie a tie with bow knot.Like the classic tie, the butterfly comes in all colors and all reasons. Usually black, bow tie is worn with a black tuxedo and white shirt with wing collar. It can also be worn more casually with a suit and a shirt with spread collar.

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