Giraffe Wallpapers

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Giraffe is known as the tallest living animal on earth. Giraffe has also a camel like appearance but Giraffe is an African even toed mammal.

Giraffe: Key Features

Its earlier origin comes from Arab where it is also known as Zarafa. Their size is from 5 to 6 m i.e. 16 to 20 ft. Giraffe weight can rise up to 1930 Kg. There are orange, brown and almost black patches on its skin. Its front and back legs are almost of same length. Giraffe has extremely long neck which can rise upto 2 meters. With the help of their long neck they can easily eat leaves from the trees. The only problem is for drinking water. They spread their legs and hardly drink water from the available water sources.

Giraffe: Social Life

They like to live in Open Grass Lands or Wood Lands. Giraffe is mostly found in groups but the groups are wide spread and less social and their number keep on changing. They continue to change their groups. Switching from one group to another group is also because of Dominant members. Only a dominant Giraffe can mate. Others can not do so.

Giraffe: Wallpapers

Wallpapers of animals are widely liked all over the world. Specially Kids of growing ages love to see these beautiful animals. Beauty of Nature and these giant animals have a deep attraction among people of all ages. Keeping in view the increasing demand,  Life As Fashion is presenting you some very beautiful wallpapers of Giraffe.

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