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Elephant is indistinct in French argot name for certain large mammals, most of which are part of mammoths and other extinct species of the family.

Types Of Elephants.

Animals which are alive in 21st century are the Savanna elephant, Forest elephants, formerly grouped under the term “African elephant” and the Asian elephant, formerly sometimes called “Indian elephant “. Elephant can also be differed on the basis of its way of communication. Most of elephants communicate by touching each other in different ways. Have a look at these beautiful Elephants.

Elephants: Key Features & Social Life.

They differ in certain anatomical features; Asian elephants are generally smaller with smaller ears. Some Elephants have a difference of the tip of the tube. Their Huge wait is carried just because of strength of their legs which are like pillars. They are herbivorous and like to live in deserts, Green lands and Forests. Social Life of male and female elephants is quite different. Female Elephant usually lives in group of more than 10 and lives as dominant member. Male Elephant continue to switch from one group to other. Their place in one group depends upon the aggression of female member. About 80% of males spend their lives in groups which do not belong to their family. We are bringing some of the very beautiful wallpapers of all these types of elephants.

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Surviving species of Elephant are locally under programs like reintroduction and protection projects. Keep following Life As Fashion for more wallpapers and fashion updates. Also have a look at our Beauty Section.

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