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Deer who belongs to the family Cervidae is a ruminant mammal. Their bodies are usually compact and Long. They are very excellent jumpers and can surprise any one by the height and length of their jumps. One of the most cutest type of them is the “Fallow” found in United states.

Deer: Different Types.

Their are many types of them in the family Cervidae. The biggest names are Chinese Water Deer, White tailed, Roe Deer, Tufted, Fallow, Red Deer, White Deer, Moose and Chital. Musk who belongs to Asia is not categorized a a real Deer. Same is the case with Moose Deer who is also known as “Water Chevrotain”. Deer is really a cute and sweet animal on earth and are loved by Humans all around the world. Lets have a look at some of their most beautiful wallpapers brought to you by Life As Fashion.

Deer: Lifestyle And Key Features.

They are adopted to feed on Vegetation as in accordance with their teeth. Their weight may vary according to their size. The smaller species can be as less as up to 10 Kg and the larger one can gain up to 431 kg. The Fawn lives with his/her mother for about an year. Male Fawn usually leaves her mother after one year and is not used to come back but female member often returns with her own fawns. Fresh Grass, Fruits, leaves and Easily Digestible Vegetation are their favorite foods. Have a look at the beautiful collection of Deer Wallpapers by Life As Fashion.

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