Bridal Dresses: 5 Must Have Wedding Dresses for Brides

Bridal Dresses: 5 Must Have Wedding Dresses for Brides

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A friend of mine would be tying the knot this wedding season and our minds are trolling like never before. From deciding the wedding silhouette to picking up the best accessories with it, we are making utmost efforts to create the dreamy ambiance. While I was with her the other day, we came to the conclusion that the after wedding season is even important and aesthetic range of outfits should be chosen for that. So, I helped her to pick some amazing bridal dresses. When I have done this for her, I could not stop myself to introduce this range of staples to you. Now no more talks from me, you just scroll down and enjoy the show.

Bridal Dresses: 5 Must Have Wedding Dresses for Brides
Bridal Dresses

Bridal Dresses

  1. Lehenga: Almost all Indian brides choose lehenga for their wedding. Indeed, this is one of the most beautiful silhouettes which have been bestowed on the Indian culture. Ever since we remember, brides in our country have been wearing lehengas on the special eve. The patterns, style and designs have remarkably changed, but what has not been changed is the preference. So again, I also suggest not altering this. A bride steels the heart of many when she heads with an astounding lehenga. Below is one of the most beautiful lehenga that has directly come from the designer’s couture.
Lehengas - 5 must have Bridal Dresses
  1. Saree: Inherited in the Indian culture, a saree holds a strong position in the hearts of many. Not just Indians, but this silhouette enjoys adornment worldwide. And when we think of wedding, we can’t ignore a saree. When you are packing your bag for your new life, put the most alluring sarees in it. They match up for all occasions and let your splendor spread far and wide. We have seen a huge change in sarees too, and undoubtedly they are all good. This time must choose a saree with mirror work.
saree - 5 must have Bridal Dresses
  1. Dhoti Skirt and Kurti: When you want to experiment with your looks, you must try out this all new outfit. While the dhoti has been used in men apparels, it was designed for women as well. However, this time an absolute different and outstanding garment has been designed and that is a dhoti skirt. It has been reported that this garment will not fail to gain unbeatable popularity and love. You must add this staple in your sack and rock after the wedding.
Dhoti skirt and kurti - saree - 5 must have Bridal Dresses
Dhoti Skirt and Kurti
  1. Indian Gown: While many of us choose a gown in our sister’s or friend’s wedding, you must pick it as one of your bridal dresses. Use this garment for your cocktail party or the reception. When coming to gown being worn on such important events of your wedding, you should be little particular with the fabric and design. A little carefulness can bring a huge change in your attire. I personally liked the one that was once worn by Karishma Kapoor. The fabric, design and the style of draping midriff just go in sink and make her look astounding.
Indian Gown - Dhoti skirt and kurti - saree - 5 must have Bridal Dresses
Indian Gown
  1. Anarkali Suit: Anarkali suits or designer kurtis have come into existence for a long time. Their forms have changed with the time and have become better every time. Pair it with a chudidaar, or a skirt or a palazzo, it blends beautifully with all. They are available in a huge variety, so you get the one that suits you the most.
Anarkali Suits - Indian Gown - Dhoti skirt and kurti - saree - 5 must have Bridal Dresses
Anarkali Suit


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So up is a do follow list that you must not avoid in your wedding. Make sure that you have aesthetic accessories to bring out the splendor of these garments. Look good and savor the joy of being a bride!

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