Alicia Keys, Muse Template For Levi's

Alicia Keys, Muse Template For Levi’s

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Alicia Keys has more than one trick in her bag. It’s the Levi’s who has just chosen as the muse. Besides being a beautiful and wonderful singer, she is beautiful and knows how to pose.

Alicia Keys And The Big News.

This is the brand of jeans who announced the good news. It seems that these adventures appeal to the pretty Metis since last year. Alicia Keys has become the new face for the women collection. It accounted for the famous perfume Givenchy Dahlia Divine. It therefore continues largely to break into the world of fashion.

Alicia Keys: The Mom Model.

Mom model and accomplished woman, Alicia Keys is boosted thoroughly balloons to pursue his career and reconcile all pretty. A paradox completely controlled by the singer who once again managed to prove that it is downright talented. In this new campaign Levi’s, we find a slightly rebellious young woman but full of chic.

Alicia Keys: Live In Levi’s.

This new campaign called Live In Levi’s staged Alicia to present the new fall of winter 2015. She will perform a title intitulé28 000 Days, which has not yet been revealed and that was specially composed for the campaign. Ofcourse, the American singer plays the supermodel, but surprise, she also sings.

Alicia Keys: Ultra Feminine Style Pants.

As for Levi’s jeans, the brand plays on comfort and ultra feminine style pants. Alicia Keys said “I feel both comfortable and sexy in this collection”. The new collection is perfectly close to the expectations of women. Levi’s plays perfectly, claiming to have mobilized all its know-how in order to create a new collection of jeans. In short, a perfect jeans which then adapts to each and every woman’s morphology and look great with Alicia Keys.

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